About the artist

Irina Pyzhyanova – musician-multi-instrumentalist, ethnobotanists and performer of Russian folklore, the soloist of the ensemble "Trigolo". For the past 25 years studying authentic folklore, plays traditional Russian instruments – the harp, the lyre of the wheel. Irina Pyzhyanova played in lineup and was a soloist in the ethnic projects "Inva", "Voronovo Krylo" and visited with concerts many cities of Russia (from Arkhangelsk to Krasnoyarsk) and abroad, participated in many Russian festivals: "World of Siberia", "Way to yourself", "Living water", "the Living tradition", "Kamba", "Solstice", "Atoare", "White Nights", etc.

The winner of the all-Russian festival-contest "music of the EARTH – 2016" in the nomination "For contribution to the development of folk art".

Also actively engaged in music of the Middle ages, Renaissance and Baroque. He performs in solo concerts and in a joint project with the musicians of the orchestra of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre "Music Aeterna" – ensemble "Barocco a la prima" (Perm).

Irina Pyzhyanova represented Russia and Perm Krai in major international projects:"presentation of the Perm region" (Berlin, 2011), "Russian language day at the UN" (Geneva, 2012).

Participated in theatrical and musical projects with Sergey Starostin, Marian Caldararu, Georgian jazz project "The Shin", etc., regularly performs in a Duo with the actress of Theatre of Music and poetry E. Kamburova Elena Frolova.

Since 2005 is engaged in diverse teaching activities: regular classes, "Women's song of the meeting" (Perm), vocal workshops and master classes.

Irina is so defined his work: "the Theme that interests me and leads in creative ways, is the breadth and vastness of the Russian soul, its particular length, the sense of the passage of time, sound and rhythm, speech and intonation... this is what I want to tell through the space of Russian song".