Seminars and workshops "CREATIVE resource of the VOICE AND BODY" - inspiring sound and movement immersion, creative exploration of self and my voice in the Russian traditional folklore.

The intensive takes place in several stages - preparatory work with the body, movement, breathing and voice exercises in statics and movement, creative tasks and improvisation, vocal games, which allows participants to gradually master his voice, his new quality, become more self-reliant, and hence to gain more freedom and joy in singing.
During the course, all participants receive individual training and guidance.
The process involves the aspects such topics as: the voice and the body, breath and voice, movement and singing, and others.

Seminars and workshops "Creative resource of the voice and body" for those who:
- I want to discover and develop their creative abilities;
- otherwise I want to feel your body singing;
- want to enrich your singing practice new skills;
- was scared to start singing, but I wanted;
- bring joy and inspiration classes in the women's circle;
- like ethnic music and folklore.

Seminars are held in different cities.

For holding the master class in your city email

Group in Vkontakte:


What is for me a meeting with Irina Piganova in the master class. This is a meeting with a man who knows what he's doing, he realizes that now this particular person needs and shows how the person to act. Irina creates an atmosphere in which the whole person is immersed and sees that prevents him and how to change it. And this interference during the lesson, moves into something else or disappears altogether.
Irina puts his heart and soul into every person at the master class. If you are a participant of such a meeting, remember that there are going to people whose examples you can see yourself and you want with all the attention and empathy to see how Irina works with each contestant. So you more and more deeply worked your questions, and another person will help you understand, to find, to see, to do what he came here for. And when the whole group is considerate and empathizes born small "miracle" person appears in all its internal glory. At this point, he glows.
Help Irene and for each participant their attention. It is necessary to all and especially yourself.
Irina, thank you for the disclosure of votes and souls.


Write when some time has already passed after the master class, emotions slightly pouspokoilsya, knowledge obtained began to weave into life. For me it was an amazing experience with a man who loved his job to the depths of living them. This is very valuable, now that is very much superficial. Irina one glance gives us confidence that the singing will work out, sing is not easy, but with depth, with soul, with awareness of their roots. I was very comfortable at the meeting wanted to understand, to remember, to grasp the information...and then there was a feeling that it is the whole universe, how everything. But that comes to mind is valuable, what you need right now, especially when I start to sing. Irinochka, thanks for the master class
I'll wait for the next meeting!


I was lucky to visit Irina at the seminar. It was a magical two days! The first day I listened as Irina sings , and it seemed to sing like a simple man can not. Such vibration and power!!! On the second day our voices also sounded, each participating in its own way)) And when we sing all together, seemed around us spun a vortex of energy of enormous power, a sense of unity and joy.... Now I sing at home the songs that Ira gave us at the seminar, and dream to get to her))))


It's a miracle that in our fast-time is the master and keepers the root of folk song culture, and Irina Piganova, undoubtedly, the brightest of them. And yet - a thin sensitive person who can feel and help reveal the individuality of each participant of the seminar, to hear from others out there in the deep, and to have the strength and courage to lead. Seminars Irina is always exciting, the journey within, diving for treasures of your own soul and finding her true unique sound.


Want to join the legend said about the Ira.... The seminar that held the Ira at us in Krasnodar region,was magical from the beginning to the end. Ira has created around himself an aura of lovely,clean,charming acts of love to folklore and her creativity. Feminine,subtle intuition she heard every girl and very gently helped each to discover their voice and the psychological moments of robnosti and embarrassment which prevented to Express themselves ,she subtly felt it and helped each girl to discover and Express themselves through voice. The atmosphere was full of kindness and mutual assistance to each other. Ira brilliant and sensitively opened every girl individually. Her hands,her body,her voice,her Eyes fascinated and taken to another reality where there is music, through which each girl can get out of your cocoon and show itself, the magical sounds of his voice. And thanks Iryna skills, each of us have experienced. I wish Irina the greatest success in its wonderful work, even more women are heard and Express yourself through singing and knowing your body,and your magical energy and strength of spirit helps them to do so. And look forward to new meetings with you.


Thank you Irina Piganova for the sensitivity and sincerity, professionalism and respect for the voice and the BODY, the root Russian song! I want to be there to absorb valuable knowledge, learn, and of course, sing along with Irina. It's a gift! It's amazing how accurately Irina feels "stressful place" in the body of another person, sees and understands the reason for the difficulties. I think it's not the voice in the usual sense, this awakening of the resource of the soul, the birth of individual natural voices of each participant. And further - work) Exercises, regular singing and attention to their features.


Heartfelt thanks to Irina Piganova for the skill and mental work. The action seminar was more like a process of birth votes. And Irina very carefully, sensitively, focusing on the individuality of each participant was accompanied by the birth process.
Thank you Helen Sherstkova for organizing the process and space.


I am familiar with the folk tradition as a listener for 11 years. Love the old authentic songs. But never sang. Probably the first time could truly sing at the seminar, Irina. The atmosphere of the seminar was good, light and very feminine. Songs of our ancestors had joined us and we sang together! Big thanks to Irina for her songs, her creativity, her kindness and care!!


Girls also want to leave your opinion about singing the seminar Irina. Every time I try to get to the seminar to Irina, because I know Irina is a great professional, creative and very knowledgeable about our traditional culture of man, and a delightful, feminine zhenchiny... Workshops with Irina always get deep in tradition, magical and new. For me it is not about the disclosure of the voices... in my opinion can sing all... And about the contact with tradition, with culture, with the ancestors, with the family... Doing some of the exercises that gives Irina at the workshop, sometimes pleasantly surprised, what masterpieces through you can be shown, and Irina is very skillfully helps it to manifest in space.


The seminar has passed, but the feeling of joy and freedom in voice and body are still present. Irina is a unique person, a real treasure trove of folklore. While its lessons are taken lightly, though not always and not immediately), but it's nothing to of the workshop I was thinking what to sing I don't). And which were all different and beautiful voices. And, Yes, singing folk songs awakens ancestral memory. Thanks to Irina for such a spiritual meeting!)


Most recently, on October 26, on Saturday I had the map to be at the seminar, Irina. and you know, I was pleasantly surprised by the discovery: it turns out I have a voice and hearing, can only be worked intermittently, still got something for their professional activities and realized that this is great work - singing. We also learned to be more relaxed the body, it is also important to the sound of the voice, holding the posture! Thank you Irina for the opportunity to plunge into the world of antiquity, and also in yourself, your inner peace and hear there responses! Great!


THANKS to Irina for something that is able to pass on their knowledge. Very warm welcome, much to learn. After the seminar I began to sing folk songs. The seminar Irina very nice atmosphere, all for the good, with the soul... I recommend these meetings!!!


Wonderful experience after the workshop with Irina. It radiates the energy that energizes each person. As a teacher, very knowledgeable and sensitive to everyone. How sings Irina is simply mesmerizing. Thank you.


Irina is a wonderful teacher, and a powerful, heartfelt singer of folk songs. Her ability to feel a song to pass that song is very true and deep delights!
I met Irina in her masterclass, which was held in the dome house at the Abinsk on Jariego place. I already at that time were familiar with the Perm choral songs by and by Marina Sukhanova, but Ira has opened new facets of this song, taught to play the voice to sound, and the joint singing to the tune...
Well, the energy of the Ira, the shining eyes, movement of hands, head and body - it was all so new and so free! And freedom, in whatever it is expressed, I'll admit, is one of the most important values of my life.
Of course, this joint work, the sound is strong by irinam voice was lovely, like flying, like diving into an endless ocean of possibilities of human communication through singing simple, but as it turned out, such difficult folk songs!


The master class was over, but the sensations remained. Something unknown and - however - native happening. The process, which is difficult to give form, to put into words. We lived together for one day and it seemed that not one life. Were gatherings, there was a dance (which is quite unexpected for voice and meetings) - what would we do - all contributed to the liberation of the voice. I had an image of a flower with a thousand petals - each of them "spoke" to her - and revealed. Had a lot of practice and little theory. Were working with each and personal recommendations. It was a condition that was felt from the first minute Dating. Left to support, not to give the fire extinguished. Thank you for the day - a leisurely, unhurried, but filled with for an extended space of possibilities for creativity, for life. For advice and answers to questions.


Before coming to study with Irina I had no idea that you can sing with all my body and feel how every cell resonates and responds to the call of the voice. An indescribable feeling! I didn't know that the sound is so dependent on mood of the body. Not just from warm-UPS, namely from configuring it as a musical instrument, are removed when the muscle clamps, gets warm, easily and happily. Of course, sometimes not everything. But so nice when it happens. It's nice to observe others and experience myself as Irina, listening to the particularities of each of us corrects the nuances of the performance and gives our voices the sound of freedom.


Since childhood I heard that I can't carry a tune in a bucket, and I even could not imagine that someday will be engaged in singing, seemed beyond my capabilities. However, I decided to come to Irina to class, and realized that nothing is impossible, and even as I start to sing. Classes are so fun, easy and humorous. In General,with Irina you just sing)).


The opportunity to hear themselves in new ways, deeper, using new knowledge to our history, our roots is what repeatedly draws on the lessons... love learning the dances, they do some wonderful atmosphere is created (sometimes I catch myself in the dance more I listen and watch))
Me is sometimes not very easy to go to the rhymes after the lyric "liquid" songs, because it is a "soft" mood you want to save a little longer


I really enjoy the friendly positive atmosphere in the classroom, joint sound. Because of this, I feel that with each lesson are all deeply immersed in the folk culture. Like you, Irina, so much pay attention to each and if something does not work, very gently, tactfully, using good joke (not sarcasm), help the participant to go to a new level of skill. From this, there is more confidence in their abilities. I want to sing such melodious and beautiful songs to convey their beauty to other people. In this class, I always discover something new for yourself, learn to improve their voice and ability to use his body as a powerful musical instrument.


Song of the meeting - that's what I was looking for. I really wanted to make it soulful and however informative( my rational mind insisted that it was not "just", and so have obtained new knowledge and skills - what is written and I was surprised how well my rational mind somehow...), so was the creative process and its result. And my body enjoys swinging and dancing, it is very good.
Is, for me, difficult moments - has proven difficult to be spontaneous, to let go of yourself in improvisation, trying very, very new, never tasted... But that's most buzz - because I'm doing this! Trust yourself and do and enjoy.
Irina : except that she's a wonderful musician, she is also a great teacher - gradually, not leaving anyone without attention( and in fact we are all different level of voice and hearing, and opportunity, and courage) is in the process of learning singing with pleasure.
Generally for me, in these meetings the key word - "fun", it's very feminine, smooth.
I wish all of us to continue))


For me, the lesson Irina is, first of all, the mood, the atmosphere. Each lesson is filled with some special meaning, a special internal order and harmony. Each of them unique. And this special feeling can last a very long time, keeping the mind and voice in a creative tone. I am immensely grateful to Irene for her ability to give us their knowledge to improve our voices and the harmony.