Concerts 2018

3 Мая 2018

The opening of the exhibition in the Perm art gallery.

Концерты | The opening of the exhibition in the Perm art gallery.

The opening of the exhibition in the Perm art gallery.

Art project Xenia Belyaeva includes 25 artworks and sculptural installation in the shape of a heart. It is the heart that is the key image of the exhibition, which is found in almost all works of the artist. Although shaped a number of works of Ksenia is much wider: these are the myths of pre-Columbian America, images from your favorite fairy tales Andersen and Kipling.

Such a bold combination of symbols of culture is not accidental, since the creative method Xenia is fixing her personal dreams. The images of his subconscious Xenia turns into paintings, using their own author's technique, mixing on canvas oil, acrylic and complementing the paintings embroidered details.

Work Xenia Belyaeva full of decorative and ornamental motifs. But through the brightness used by the artist of color in which at desire it is possible to see allusions to color symbolism Latin American myths, shines purely the author's reflection on the themes of world mythology.

The exhibition "the heart of the world" will run from may 4 to July 15, 2018.

Entrance to the opening free.

12 Мая 2018, 12:00

Master-class "Creative work with the voice" (Saint-Petersburg)

Концерты | Master-class "Creative work with the voice" (Saint-Petersburg)

Master-class "Creative work with the voice" (Saint-Petersburg)

Female song of the meeting is a creative and inspiring working with voice based on Russian folklore: spiritual songs and melodic chants, musical games and improvisation, inner freedom and expression of joy in the sound.

Irina is amazingly gentle and powerful guide to sound. She feels students like myself, accurately see the disturbances to the pure voice and helps to eliminate them.

With her easy to sing and breathe: absolutely imperceptibly begin to sound at ease, as element - to live with the wind, game, pain and freedom...

This is a wonderful, transformative experience. And if You've always wanted to sing, but for some reason did not,do not miss this invitation.

The value of 2000 for early prepayment.

From April 26 the cost 2500.

Venue to be confirmed.

To record on a master-class check in this thread.

To purchase a ticket at the lower of cost, right now follow the link

You can also book a place on a master class at the best price, pay directly to the organizer:

See you! We will sound!


13 Мая 2018

Концерты |